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Shadow Of Nebula is a futuristic adventure game set in space. The world of Nebula is heavily influenced by science fiction and cyberpunk genres. The game itself tells a story of a mysterious Star Courier.

After forced and sudden landing on an abandoned planet, the hero must fight for his life and find his way home. Along the way he discovers that his presence on the planet wasn't just an accident, and that he's somehow involved in a larger than life intrigue threatening all humanity. The protagonist will have to face many obstacles and solve numerous puzzles to unravel the intrigue... But will it be enough to solve the mystery?


About Bisonia

We are small independet team, four guys who loves point'n click adventure games.

That is our passion. Computer games should have a soul - something that makes you think about such games for a long time after you've completed them. Therefore we're doing Shadow Of Nebula because we want to share with you this unique experience for you to enjoy.